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We know that Apple specifications may not be the easiest thing to understand. There are many elements and variables that can sometimes make it hard to know what’s really under the hood. 
That’s why EasyMacSpecs.com was born!

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MacBook Pro 15 inch Early 2011 1000 × 750 px

Macbook Specs

174 Articles
iMac 21.5 inch Mid 2010

iMac Specs

53 Articles
iPad 10th generation

iPad Specs

244 Articles
iPhone XR

iPhone Specs

123 Articles
Mac Mini Spec Category

Mac Mini Specs

30 Articles
Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Cellular Titanium

Apple Watch Specs

113 Articles
AirPods 3rd generation1

Airpod Specs

8 Articles
HomePod specs category

HomePod Specs

3 Articles

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Essential Mac Specification Reads.

Here are some articles to get you started.  They will help you understand the basics of Apple Specifications and the its uses.



What is a processor and what are its uses?



What is RAM? Why is it needed?



What are the different types of storage that Apple use?

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Operating System

What is an Operating System (OS) and why is it necessary?